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It started with a dream and hope....

Our beautiful artist ball jointed dolls (BJDs) shows how a symbiotic relationship between Art and Engineering can create beautiful designs that induce a life of their own. Each design starts with an idea, then a sketch and through hard work and reiterative design, an exceptional doll is born through 3D printing technology.

Our team take the best of care from the very start of each concept and prides ourselves on producing each doll from under one roof, heavily relying on renewable energy to create a product that evokes harmony with nature.

Every detail, every brush stroke and every hair is carefully thought about in our original, one-of-a-kind (OOAK) creations to bring a spark of life to each doll that creates it's own individuality, that can't be replicated. Creativity leads the way in this process which ensures each creation is unique and gives you something to cherish from the West of Ireland, shipping worldwide.

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